Our Purpose

The Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center exists to serve families in NWA by providing high quality care and education for children six weeks of age through pre-kindergarten.

We have been serving families in our region since we opened the doors in 1982. We continue to grow and improve with the ever- changing needs of our community. Our philosophy, values and culture of excellence reflect our efforts to exceed the expectations of the parents, our community and the children we serve.

Children are our first priority! Our commitment is to provide families access to the highest quality of early childhood education and care.

Our Value Statements


Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center (HWCEC) is dedicated to the well being of children six weeks through pre-kindergarten. We consider the needs of the whole child: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. We understand that an investment in young children is the best investment for the future of our community.


Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center adheres to high ethical and professional standards in work and relationships. We are fair and respectful in our interactions with families and early childhood professionals. HWCEC is a conscientious steward of the resources entrusted to us.


Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center strives to improve upon our services to deliver the highest quality of care and education. We leverage expertise and resources for the greatest impact on young children in Northwest Arkansas.


Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center encourages initiative and leadership, and strives to be a model nonprofit organization. We use a collaborative approach with families, early childhood partners, and donors to improve early childhood services and community awareness.


At Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center, we believe that families win when everyone matters, and that the true strength of diversity is unleashed when each child and early childhood professional is encouraged to reach their full potential. Diversity then becomes the foundation for an inclusive, sustainable childcare center that embraces and respects differences, develops our teachers, serves our families, and partners with our community.

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