Tumble Bus

For an additional fee, children ages three to five have an opportunity to take gymnastics on the Tumble Bus with certified instructors. Tumble Bus provides excellence in gymnastics and fitness by creating a fun and safe environment where every student has a chance to reach his or her potential. The Tumble Bus visits the Center weekly to provide gymnastic lessons. For more information contact the Tumble Bus Co. at 479-872-8287.

Jitterbug Dance Class

For an additional fee, children ages three to five may participate in dance classes. Taught by a local dance company, instructors visit the Center to teach dance and movement to children participating in the class. For more information, contact Jitterbugs at 479-925-6318.

Story Bee Yoga

Storybee Yoga is a movement-based program infused with the magic of stories. Each class unveils a new story through song, breath, stillness and yoga poses. Children will experience reading, art, outdoors, expression, relaxation, community and learning to love oneself. Classes will begin in September 2019.

Spanish Immersion

For an additional fee, children in pre-school age classes may participate in a weekly Spanish Immersion Program. This program incorporates Spanish language learning through vocabulary, music, literature, physical education, organized games and other various activities. This class is an effective method, proven by linguistic research, which takes advantage of the natural human ability for language acquisition. Our students learn Spanish in the same way that they learned their first language – by listening and repetition.

For more information please contact Larson’s Language Center at 479-633-9900.

HappyFeet Soccer

For an additional fee, children ages 2 1/2 to 5 may participate in weekly Soccer classes. HappyFeet coaches use their ‘kid friendly’ curriculum to ensure kids are having a blast while developing essential physical skills. These classes include rhymes, songs and children‘s games to incorporate a soccer ball and basic motor skills development. HappyFeet classes are non-competitive and use fun techniques to train soccer skills and fitness. For more information please contact HappyFeet at 479-553-8810.

Reach for Literacy

For an additional fee, children age four and up may participate in REACH For Literacy. REACH for Literacy uses a child’s interconnected thinking system of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to build a solid literacy foundation and strong reader and writer.

For more information please contact the Walker Literacy Project at 479-925-8569.


Extra-Curricular Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is based on funding availability. Scholarships are reviewed annually. However, scholarships can be audited anytime throughout the year. Only one scholarship per child will be available.


There are 3 ways in which a family may qualify for one Extra-Curricular Scholarship.

  1. DHS voucher recipients automatically qualify for one 100% paid extra-curricular scholarship.

  2. Tuition scholarship recipients automatically qualify for one 50% paid extra-curricular scholarship.

  3. Below are the basic guidelines, which consider gross monthly income in relation to the total household size.

Gross Monthly Income








Family Size








Additional Information

How do I enroll my child in an activity and receive a scholarship?

First, complete an enrollment form for the program your child is interested in. Make sure there is availability before completing the scholarship form. Next, complete the scholarship form and submit it to the Business Manager before the 1st of the month. You will be notified within 24 hours regarding your scholarship eligibility.

What do I do once I get the scholarship?

Your child may begin the activity of choice during the first week of the upcoming month. If you receive a 50% scholarship, make sure that your portion of the payment is paid by the first of each month. The Center will handle the rest. The Business Manager will notify the extra-curricular program, and will disperse the scholarship funds each month.

Can I DIS-ENROLL my child from an activity?

Yes, you may dis-enroll your child at any time. However, it is up to the discretion of the program as to whether you can receive a partial refund for unused sessions during a said month. You must notify the program coordinator (phone numbers are listed on the bulletin boards) and the Center’s Business Manager.

Can I enroll my child in another activity?

The scholarship program will pay for 50 – 100% of the cost associated with one activity per child at any given time. Your child is allowed to drop from one program and enroll in another if space is available and any outstanding fees are paid.