Children begin their journey of learning at birth, and learn rapidly through their environment, relationships and interactions. The foundation on which they learn in the first few years of life sets the trajectory for all of their future endeavors, making their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in the first 5 years critical.

A “Whole Child” Approach

Our “whole child” approach to development ensures every student receives opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. Our program includes a commitment to educational excellence offering a variety of developmentally sound learning centers including music, library, and science. Most importantly, a highly trained staff with teacher-to-child ratios far below the state requirement.  Our program is highly successful. Kindergarten Preparedness Surveys confirm that parents overwhelmingly believe HWCEC has effectively prepared their children for kindergarten. At HWCEC, we are in the business of preparing children for success.


Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center is an Arkansas quality accredited program, and seeks best practices from sources such as National Association for the Education of Young Children, Academy of Pediatrics and national program models. We connect research, theory and practice to provide the highest quality of early education and care to the youngest learners of our region.